Жансу в продаже! ПРОДАНА!


Жансу 2,5 мес9-мал

12 ноября 2013 года родились долгожданные щенки от пары:

Отец — Рамз-Азим Азовия, закрыл титулы юного чемпиона клуба и чемпиона Украины, 3хCACIB

Мать — Оюнчи Кара Юлдуз, победитель Всеукраинского клуба породы, чемпион Всеукраинского клуба породы, 3хСАС, R.CACIB

Щенок полностью привит, имеет клеймо, ветеринарный паспорт и щенячью карточку КСУ (FCI), готов принять новых хозяев. Девочка крупная, костистая, будет отличной для разведения и выставок!

Короткое видео:

Фото щенка:


  1. Hello,
    This is Cami I understand I guess I will try to wait to see what you end up picking out. I have contacted a couple more breeders but I really prefer you.Your puppies are gorgeous with champion bloodlines like our son.We flew him in from Czech Republic he is beautiful and he is our only child! He is the biggest part of our family and we want him to have a companion to complete our home.Thank you and please don’t forget about us!
    Much Thanks and fingers crossed!!!!

    • We are so excited to have the newest member of our family! New bed ,toys,bowls,harness,leash,treats and so much love are waiting for her in her new home. Thank you so much for letting us welcome her into our family and hearts! And as soon as we pick her up from the airport we will get pictures and let you know how she is doing,and keep you posted about the family.Thank you again..:)
      Jason and Cami