Comments on “We pay for what? puppy business, How easy or sell Asian?”

  1. Елена,Днепр says:

    Yes… January Tac example and represent themselves more…And in practice and get- us 1 Year , and the costs vpechatlyayut.My were ready. Sobaka dlya not divorced, but married her need to extradite, tk. Breeding and pedigree, inspires respect. We'll have to save up money for this thing, а как иначе? Действительно, can not “toss” rock left and right, лишь бы повязать и побыстрее продать: зоорынки полны алабаями… then they run the homeless in the city… Судьба их в большинстве очень печальна: хозяин рассчитывает на быстрый и легкий заработок,а несёт только затраты. So get rid of the dogs by any means, If you can not get anything from them…Yes it is a problem not only Asians, Commerce at the fashionable dogs – shameless thing, to the detriment of the breed. Pity, that way, and nobody is controlled by such a disgrace…Maintenance of species – business enthusiasts, ungrateful and not profitable zachastuyu.Zhelayu all porodnikam success in hard work and understanding… а также успешной карьеры их питомцам,порядочных и ответственных хозяев.

  2. Nattis says:

    Lena, спасибо за отзыв! Тема действительно о наболевшем. A dog must first love, and making a binding, think about the health of dogs, puppies, how to be able to pick them up and then define the wrong hands, to be puppies to truly love. In this case, to earn money does not go, даже в выращивании и продаже цветов есть потери!

  3. Vlad Malysh Vlad Malysh says:

    At the expense of flowers. In the Netherlands ordered an onion 3 UAH. – 1 pc. Each bulb if we divide, how much gas is eaten, then the average goes 3grn. 2000 тюльпана получились без бутонов (слепые). Now 12 000 UAH. went into negative.

  4. Nattis says:

    Завал! Вот о чем я и говорю!

  5. nakinet says:

    Да!Действительно о наболевшем, right in every word on 100%!!Хорошая статья, That would be her every future owner of our kids. And so you try to explain…, and yet when you say, that this “business” obviously not profitable, it's just your favorites, your favorite cause, your piece viability….well understood, no one believes and not ponimaet.No is not important, just uncomfortable sometimes…..

  6. Ludmila Sedletskaya says:

    You forgot to count here raising a dog. Do you have experience in education, and if you just start…..Lesson mene a normal dog handlers with certificates from the 10 cu. for the lesson. 2 months old 3 times a week…..

    Let it do a proffesionaly “business”.

    • Nattis says:

      I did not think it is, because it is not mandatory for all the time, not everyone is engaged to training and education… A pity.

  7. Alexander Fokin says:

    It is of course all true…Как-то читаю газету объявлений,прицениваюсь к Asian Shepherds (ovcharka),денег особо небыло,ума тож неособоИ вот попалось на глаза одно: продают puppies 6months 600 грн.Удивило,насторожило,но решила позвонить.Приехала посмотреть.В огромном вольере сидел медвежонок и плакал как человек…The owners of the case before it bought nebylo.Sduru, он им и нафиг ненужен,достал их уже,решили ,,отдать за копейки,чтоб только не даромЕще раз глянула в сторону вольера,и чуть сердце не стало,медвежонок смотрел на меня такими умными глазами,он все слышал,все понимал,а теперь как будто ждал моей реакцииЯ его забрала.Может Вы таких как я,горе-заводчиков,осуждаете,но тогда ни о какой высокопородности я не могла думать.Да что там!Если бы там были откровенные дефекты ,все равно забрала бы.
    Now I have already drug.Nam 2.5goda.Vot only to show it to someone who knows a lot about…Maybe that would have prompted…

    • Elena, Dnieper says:

      You are very clever. I respect people for such acts, townsfolk who seem petty and unworthy of their attention… From the little things and create our life. Any such “trifle” can change your world forever and give you joy. Let bite your elbows are, Who is this joy passed. The life of the gray. And it is our – РАДУГА!

    • Ostap Cherry says:

      Sasha, вы молодец!!! Судя по фотке, собака отличная,но мне кажется, her a little lacking physical activity. her – accustom to bike dragged hostess, and feed at etom.Poverte, fiz.nagruzki with proper feeding and even with mediocre parents can grow up handsome.

  8. Nattis says:

    I am very pleased, that your dog owner found, because every dog ​​should have its very, very best man, and all because the walk around the ring.
    Grief is not the breeder, who keeps the soul – it is the, dogs who reproduce at any cost. There are dogs, which is not worth a knit, and they tally. Ради чего?
    You – Now a happy owner of a dog, the main, чтобы вам двоим было уютно и комфортно в этом мире!

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